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1) Line up the bolt hole and the back corner.
2) Squeegee the red line starting from the middle and working out both ends.
3) Work your way down and split any wrinkles in half going out the ends.
4) Work your way to the bottom, go slow work bubbles out.
5) Go back to middle start working upward, again work wrinkles out the ends.
6) Work and remaining wrinkles and bubbles out the top.

Make sure your hands are clean. Remove mold release agents off your plastic before installing. Carb cleaner/brake cleaner/acetone works best. Brand new plastic is smooth but will have oily film from mold release from the factory. For super bonding effect apply a propane torch to the plastic. Just a quick pass, you should see the mold release evaporate off. then clean again with acetone. Careful not to discolor the plastic. 21mil----warm graphic and plastic with hair dryer before installing. For wet application we suggest a bottle RRD Application Fluid. Lightly spray plastic and squeegee fluid out following the above technique. Sit in sun or heat lightly with hair dryer, avoid over heating. Avoid using for 24 hours You may trim edges with a razor blade.

Gas tanks: Empty and clean gas tanks of all gasoline and let sit for 3-4 days. Install graphic do not apply wet.  Once installed let graphic sit for 48 hours before putting gas in tank.  Air bubbles will occur after use push air out of the slits to lay flat.  (Gas will dissolve the glue over a period of time we do not guarantee the decal on gas tanks.)

Car  Method: we have not tried this but we have heard it works really well. Line up graphic on plastic.  Peel and stick place in car during a warm day and check back in a couple of hours.  We heard the decals lay down really good this way. 

Remember be patient!!!!!!!!!!!

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