Thanks for stopping by Rusk Racing Decals! We have been building motocross graphics for racers, race teams and companies for well over 18 years.  RRD was one of the first to digital print mx graphics and set it as a standard in the industry. Since 2002 every product we create and print is made right here in New Mexico, USA.  Thanks for your support & happy racing! 

Rob & Killy Rusk

ALL of our kits are designed, printed, cut and ship by us.  Many so called "graphic companies"  are only sales and book keeping, basically subcontracting all the work out to overseas operations.  We DO NOT use overseas printers to make our stuff. Many of those companies say they have fast turn around and once they get your money, you wait weeks even months to get your graphics.  Handmade in the USA!!

ETA Graphics time: Depending on workload -Shrouds 1-3 working days, Number plates 1-2 working days and
Full kits 2-5 working days (most cases we go faster). We know racing is expensive so to keep our prices down
we urge everyone to place orders through the website. We do take phone orders, but it does slow things down.
If you have any questions about your order please feel free to call, email or contact us. We try respond back
to every email as fast as possible. We generally check email 8-10 times daily. Also try our chat system, it we
Are at a computer is will ring us up, however sometimes we are in the print room.

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Why are these damn stickers so expensive?
These are one off decals, so quantity does not offset labor
Man hours of art time is probably the most expensive part.
Machines are crazy expensive
Maintenance time on our machines is more expensive then rebuilding 4 stroke and parts are crazy expensive for these machines
Material is very expensive, its not cheap sign shop vinyl
Electricity to run the machines, phone, rent, computer and network systems and lastly expensive specific software
And finally lots of caffeine and coffee!!

Rusk Racing Decals
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Phone hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-4:00 MT time

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