We are open for sponsorship for 2023
If you think you are a standout rider in your area send us
your riding resume'. Multi levels of support offered for 2023.
*Also we do not charge set up fees. ($50-$100 savings from
other companies )
*We don't charge for adding names. (Up to $5 savings from
other companies )
*We don't charge for adding sponsor logos or series logo that
you are required to run.
(Up to $5 per logo savings from other companies )
*We don't charge extra for our new designs and colors. (Up to
$20savings from other companies )
*We ship in most cases same day.
*We use much higher quality materials.

*We will work direct with your local bike shop or sponsors to keep your bike fresh.  Remember the goal for custom
graphics is to give your sponsors the most visibility for their support of your racing.
*Most of our programs are based on you getting your buddies to use RRD.  So if you are accepted it's up to you to on the amount of help we provide.

We do have a number of  PRO and top level amateur openings for the 2023 program. If you are racing AMA Outdoor
Nationals, AMA Supercross or a top 10 Loretta Lynns finisher contact us about A and B Level support program. RRD A
and B riders will be required to have a very substantial amount of area on their graphics for the RRD or PrivateerMX
logo.  All athletes will be expected to push and make direct sales in their local area to maintain RRD support.
Decal Works kits can be up to $300.00 by the time they are shipped to you. RRD $184.00 MAX!! Yes our rider support
discount percentage  is lower but your final price is lower.
Please send resume' with race results, photo (keep photos small) and your plans for the 2023 race season. 
Email Resume to:
Rusk Racing Decals
[email protected]

MXA article on how to get sponsored

Former RRD riders and riders that have used RRD:

Killy Rusk, Christian Craig, Garrett Marchbanks, Ryder McNabb, Tevin Tapia, Ty Bereman, Eli Tomac, Aaron Simonoe and more

Teams that have used RRD:  Dragon fuels KTM,  Slater Skins Yamaha, Rockwell Watches, Fire Police, Bobby J's Yamaha, Fun Center Cycles and more.


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