Thank you for stopping by CyclingDecals a division of Rusk Racing Decals for 15 years we have
been manufacturing motocross stickers and decals for racers and companies.  We are a small
company with one thing in mind, racing! Since 2002 each and every product is created and cut
by us.
Rusk Racing was started to support the racing career of Killian Rusk national number #58. Killy made
his pro debut at the  2010 Hangtown AMA Pro National. Placing as high as 13th overall at the
Lakewood National. In his rookie season is riding the Supercross  Series aboard his RRD powered
Yamaha YZ450.  Killy was running with the fastest guys in the world and the top privateer earning support with factory Yamaha.
Located near Durango, Colorado we love all two wheeled sports whether is road biking on a
training mission to Silverton or riding some of the best mountain bike trails right here in Durango. As
you can see we are racers producing graphics for racers.All of our products are built from the best
materials available and with the right care they will last the riggers of racing.  Also Don't forget about
decals for your business!
Thanks  for your support!
Rob & Killy Rusk

Why are these damn stickers so expensive?...........................
These are one off decals so quantity does no offset labor
Man hours of draw time
Machines are crazy expensive
Maintenance time on these machines is more then time consuming then your bike
Material is very expensive, it's not cheap sign shop vinyl
Electricity to run the machines
Ultra fast computers with mega processors that can draw, spin and rotate mathematically complex images

And finally lots of caffeine and coffee!!

Some bikes to stare at...................

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