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Monster Energy Supercross, Anaheim, CA: The Monster energy supercross season is about to begin the 2014 season.  This year Killy has moved up to the 450 class and will be racing the all new Yamaha YZ450F. Support through Yamaha Racing and Team Rockwell / Firepolice, Killy hopes to have a break out year.  He feels his speed should allow him to run with the best in the world and  believes the bigger bikes works well with his riding style.  If you are at any of the races please feel free to stop by the Rockwell rig.  T-shirts are available, well as the full line up of Rockwell Watches and RRD Products

Tooele, UT, AMA Outdoor Nationals: Long day with highs and lows for Rockwell watch rider Killy Rusk.  A super rough track and a bike problem the number 66 struggled a little in qualifying but he did qualify straight to the main event.  First moto he was able to get an inside gate but the line took him straight into the yellow course markers.  The pack headed into the corner into a giant cloud of dust with no visibility.  Rusk worked his way forward but lost his front end in a corner in the back end of the track on lap 5.  He got going again and worked his way forward but by that time everyone was gone. After Moto one Rusk became very sick but lined up for moto two but was only able to make a few laps before he headed to the asterisks medic unit.  He received treatment there and should be ready to go for next weekend.

Next week at Lake Elsinore Rusk will be moving up to the 450 class to give it go against racers like Reed, Villopoto, Dungey and Stewart.  Should be a fun experiment and on the 450 he should not be so limited by HP.  See you there!  Rob and Killy

Las Vegas Monster Energy Cup:  14th overall and an 11th in the final moto against the top riders in world. 2013 is the breakout year.

Lake Elsinore, CA. - Rockwell / FirePolice  rider Killy Rusk after skipping the last three rounds of the series was back in action for the final round of the AMA Motocross Nationals.First moto he had himself a mid pack start, he began working his way forward but in corner three slid out and went down. He picked his bike off the ground and got going around the 39th position. Rusk put his head down and charged. Picking off riders, sometimes two and three a lap as he made his way forward. His lap times were right there with the top guys as he worked his way through the pack. By the end of the moto he made his way all the way up to 15th when disaster struck with only 200 yards to go. As he went to jump one of the last table-tops before the finish his bike sputtered and came to a stop. With the longer lap times and heat of Elsinore, he simply ran his bike out of gas. Even with bike topped off after the parade lap the tank did not have enough gas to make the entire length of the GP style race. The result, losing ten positions, 6 points and pushing his bike all the way back to the pit in 100 degree heat by himself while his crew and AMA look frantically around the track for him.
Second moto Rusk started next to the newly crowned champion Blake Baggett. Both not getting the start they wanted. Rusk started working his way forward eventually finishing in 18th right behind the rider who go the holeshot in the moto.

Finish- 19th overall

Killy Rusk is proudly supported by: Rockwell Watches, FirePolice, Rusk Racing Decals, Core Oil Field Services, Dedicated Athletics, Hinson, LeoVince, Fastheads, Race Tech, No Toil, Dunlop, AXO, TCX Boots, No Limit MX Racing, Handlebar Motorsports, Torq1 Racing, Leatt, RK chains, Excel, Stealthworks, Utopia, Renthal, Wiseco, RECMX, All Balls Racing, Bell Helmets, Novik Gloves, SDG seats, Maxum Petroleum, VP Fuels, Brownlee Racing, Matrix Concepts and EVS

Washougal, WA Rockwell rider Killy Rusk finished 15th overall at the eighth round of the Lucas Oil Pro 250 Motocross Championship held at Washougal MX Park. With an environmentally friendly pit setup (Ford Focus rental car) that was well suited for the scenic pacific northwest track Rusk was set for the day. 

Moto one Rusk qualified inside the top twenty and was able to secure himself an inside gate for the long fast start. Heading into the first corner he was able to sneak his way around and move forward. Heading up Horsepower Hill he was able to pass multiple riders. Coming by the mechanics area on lap one he was in the 17th spot. As the moto progressed he moved into the 15th position. While chasing down 14th Rusk had a small tip over and was able to remount not losing any positions but he did lose a little bit of time ending the moto in 16th spot.

Moto two Rusk was able to pull a little better start coming around the mechanic area in 14th positon. He stay there for much of the race. As the laps counted down he made a couple small mistakes letting Baker by and ending the moto again in the 16th position.

At the present time Rusk will not be traveling back east for the next three rounds. Any teams needing a fill in rider can contact Killy at killy@ruskracing.com.

Overall Results 250 Motocross Class
1 Justin Barcia 1-2
2 Eli Tomac 2-3
3 Blake Baggett 6-1
4 Marvin Musquin 3-4 KTM
5 Ken Roczen 4-7 KTM
6 Blake Wharton 7-6
7 Justin Bogle 9-5
8 Wil Hahn 5-10
9 Ryan Sipes 8-8
10 Jason Anderson 10-9
11 Malcolm Stewart 11-11 KTM
12 Jessy Nelson 13-13
13 Travis Baker 14-15
14 Martin Davalos 18-12
15 Kellian Rusk 16-16
16 Alex Martin 12-36
17 Tevin Tapia 17-17 KTM
18 Jake Canada 38-14
19 Ivan Tedesco 15-37
20 Dakota Tedder 19-19

Killy Rusk is proudly supported by: Rusk Racing Decals, Core Oil Field Services, Rockwell Watches, Team FirePolice, Dedicated Atheletics, LeoVince, Race Tech, No Toil, Fastheads, Dunlop, AXO, TCX Boots, No Limit MX Racing, Handlebar Motorsports, Torq1 Racing, Leatt, RK chains, Excel, Stealthworks, Utopia, Wiseco, RECMX, All Balls Racing, Brown Motorsports, Bell Helmets, Novik Gloves, SDG seats, Maxum Petroleum, VP Fuels, Brownlee Racing, EVS and Ted Campbell

Special Thanks to the Butler Brothers for getting Killys bike from Millville to Washougal as well  a special thanks to Jason Potter!!

Mechanicsville, MD. -
The AMA Motocross series headed to world famous Budds Creek Raceway. Rusk Racing Decals, High Desert Services rider Killy Rusk #84 qualified the 28th spot.
First moto he had himself a mid pack start and started working his way forward, on lap one he ran into a down rider and went down himself. He picked his bike off the ground, stopped in the mechanics to get area few adjustments but had about 10 seconds just to catch the tall end of the pack. Once he got going he was around 39th position, Rusk put his head down again and charged. Picking off riders, sometimes two and three riders a lap he made his way forward. His lap times were right there with the top 10-15 guys as he worked his way through the pack. By the end of the moto he made it his past 17 riders ending in the 22nd position just outside of points.

Second moto Rusk started in 18th position. While working his way forward he ran into some road blocks along the way. Having a hard time getting around some riders he finally made the pass and finished in 16th.

Result: Killy Rusk #84 22nd & 16th = 20th overall
5 points toward his national number. 9 points so far 26th in series standing

Killy Rusk is proudly supported by: High Desert Services, Rusk Racing Decals, Core Oil Field Services, , Rockwell Watches, FirePolice, LeoVince, Race Tech, Dedicated Athletics, No Toil, Dunlop, AXO, TCX Boots, No Limit MX Racing, Handlebar Motorsports, Torq1 Racing, Leatt, RK chains, Excel, Stealthworks, Utopia, Wiseco, RECMX, All Balls Racing, Brown Motorsports, Bell Helmets, Novik Gloves, SDG seats, Maxum Petroleum, VP Fuels, Brownlee Racing, Fastheads and EVS. Special thanks to new sponsors
Dedicated Athletics, Fastheads and Novik Gloves
RACE REPORT: Lakewood, CO. - The AMA Motocross series came to Lakewood Colorado. Rusk Racing Decals, High Desert Services rider Killy Rusk #84 started the day with a very impressive qualifying effort. Putting a top 15 lap time in the first session he was feeling good on the rough Thunder Valley track. In the second session Rusk dropped an additional 2 seconds landing him in the 13th spot to transfer directly to the show.

First moto he had himself a mid pack start and started working his way forward, then on lap two he washed his front wheel out and ended up picking his bike off the ground. He was unable to remount until the entire pack had passed. Once he got going he was around 38th position with a spark Rusk put his head down and charged. Picking off riders, sometimes two and three riders a lap he made his way forward. His lap times were right there with the top 10-15 guys as he worked his way through the pack. Being a Colorado kid, the high altitude air worked to his advantage and by the end of the moto he found himself in 18th, moving ahead 20 positions.

Second moto Rusk was running in the teens all moto, then disaster happened and he puncture a front tire. He was able to keep it going till the end of the moto but had a few scary moments as the tire was washing out over the jumps. He even tried to keep the photographers on their toes as he scambled them over the finish line jump with a crazy ride through the yellow course markers. Even with the flat tire Rusk was able to salvage a 21st pace finish.

Due the the long haul back east Killy will not be racing High Point this weekend. He will hopefully return to the series for Budds Creek.

Result: Killy Rusk #84 18th & 21st = 21st overall

Killy Rusk is proudly supported by: Rusk Racing Decals, Core Oil Field Services, High Desert Services, Rockwell Watches, No Limit MX Racing, FirePolice, LeoVince, Race Tech, No Toil, Dunlop, AXO, TCX Boots, Handlebar Motorsports, Torq1 Racing, Leatt, RK chains, Excel, Stealthworks, Utopia, Wiseco, RECMX, All Balls Racing, Brown Motorsports, Bell Helmets, Novik Gloves, SDG seats, Maxum Petroleum, VP Fuels, Brownlee Racing and EVS

Anaheim, CA. - Monster Energy Supercross 2012
: Rockwell/FirePolice, Rusk Racing Decal rider Killy Rusk #84 headed into Angel Stadium confident after making the main event in Oakland. Qualifying in 20th position his lap times were right there with the top players of the class. A crash in the third practice session put him in the Asterisks medical truck waiting to get clear to ride. Although little banged up he wanted to race.

Heat 1: Rusk had good gate pick. He rounded the first turn and was able sneak his way into 10th. From there he worked his way forward putting pressure on 5th in the final lap. He finish 6th inches away from 5th at the finish line.

With a 11th gate pick for the Main Event he was looking for an inside gate. From the inside he was able to avoid the first turn crash and headed into the whoops around 15th. He started charging his way forward and worked his way all the way up to the top ten. A slide out in a corner put him facing the wrong way on the track and cost him a couple of positions. He rebounded and started going forward again closing in on Sipes for the 11th spot on the final lap. Rusk collected a 12th place finish his best result to date. "Each week is a learning experience and I feel like I am moving forward each week. Can't wait for San Diego next week". says Rusk.

Killy Rusk is proudly supported by: Rockwell/FirePolice Team, Rusk Racing Decals, Core Oil Field Services, LeoVince Exhaust, AXO, Brown Motorsports, Bell Helmets, Maxum Petroleum, Race Tech, No Toil, TCX Boots, No Limit MX Racing, Handlebar Motorsports, Braun Entertainment, Leatt, RK chains, Excel, Stealthworks, Utopia, Wiseco, LeoVince Carbon Fiber, Torq1, Edge Products, 1 LAW, Wiseco, EVS, Hinson, Dunlop, Motul and RecMX

Killy Rusk sx from Chad Guin on Vimeo.

Nov 2011: 
Killy Rusk
Rusk will be lining up at Anahiem 1 ready aboard his Honda.  Team announcement coming soon. 

July 2011: 
Killy Rusk Leaves AG Motorsports Team
After this weekend at Spring Creek, I have officially discontinued any and all relations with AG Motorsports. This decision did not come lightly and is one that I wish I did not have to make. It was decided that it was in my best interest to move on and seek a healthy environment to pursue my dreams. I have a great support system with my family, agent, trainer  and sponsors I would not be here without all them.   I am 100% confidant in my abilities and my new program. I believe everyone in this new program has my best at heart. As these new plans start to take shape, I have decided to take the next several weeks off to regroup, and get used to my new Honda CRF250 and will rejoin the AMA Pro Nationals at the final round in Pala, CA.

I would like to thank all my sponsors Dragon Racing Fuels, Fly Racing, EVS, PR2, Rocket Exhaust, No Toil, Leatt, TCX Boots, Utopia Optics, GoPro, LeoVince, No Limit MX and Allen Picard for supporting me in this decision and I look forward to the working with everyone for years to come.

May 2011:
  After a couple weeks of being on the road and racing both Hangtown and Freestone Killy sits 21st in points.  Mechanical problems have plague the opening rounds.  A hole in the clutch cable caused problems for Hangtown.  This caused the clutch to go out in the first moto.  We got it fixed but had the adjustment wrong for the second moto which caused some serious clutch slippage.  Chalk that up to dad mechanic.  Freestone started off a little rough. The first moto Killy got stuck in a first turn pile up leaving him in 39th coming around corner number 2.  He put his head down was up to 20th by lap two or three.  He continued on and made passes every lap and ended up with a 13th as the checkers flew.  Moto 2 was looking pretty good as he had a better start mid pack.  He worked his way up to 18th then his motor cut out causing him to go down over the back table top.  He tried restarting but the bike would only go 5 feet and die.  So he parked it next to a tree and headed back to the pit via a fans golf cart.  Just like when he was on 50's dad went and found the bike.  Somethings never change.

Oct 8 2010: The number 60. After a long season Killy Rusk earn the national number of 60.  A big accomplishment for the first year professional racer. Things are looking bright for Killy and he will begin training for the supercross season shortly. Look for the number 60 racing in the 250cc lites class at a supercross near you. Thanks again to all our loyal customers for helping him get this far.

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5/21/2010 Wortham, Tx Freestone AMA National:
Wow, hot and ruff with 35 minutes just pounding laps.  All in all a great weekend, although the first moto had some issues.  The second or third lap in his goggle lens got knocked out by a rock! So he rode a lap without goggles then I was able to get him in and get a new pair on him.  But this sent him back to dead last with about 10 seconds just  to get up to the last place guy. Argh!
Once he got going he started clicking off laps and his laps times got better and better. Putting in his fastest lap with only 3 laps to go.  Pourcel got around him so I put out a pit board that said "latch on".  He read it and actually did it!  He stayed with Pourcel the rest of the race and just starting chugging up thru.  Second place was  behind him and I know he did not want to get lapped by him so he put his head down and stayed with Pourcel right up to end.  You even see him  almost cross the finished line with Pourcel at the end (of course Pourcel was in cruz mode). I think he wanted his lap back.  But luckily the Moto was over  because I sure his fuel would not have made another lap.

Moto two was good he stayed in about the same spot the whole way.  bounced between 17 and 16 the whole time.  Tried to catch and pass Lemoine for the 15th spot but was not able to make that stick.  18th overall. Got points, guaranteed entry for the rest of the season and hopefully a 2 digit number by supercross season. Skipping the next two rounds and will head to Denver next.  True privateer, just a dad and son out racing.

5/21/2010 Hangtown Sacramento, CA:
All in all not a bad day. Killy Qualified for the main which was all we were really going for. He laid down some good lap times in the qualifying. He needs get a couple of seconds faster to get a better start gate. I think once his nerves settle that will come.
Moto-wise good start gate and good jump on the line would be nice. Second moto he had a great jump on Morias but Anstie came over and bump him which sent him staight toward the inside hey bales. Killy however was determined and never let off and it sent him flying. He got up with a missing front fender and was going to get going again but his front number plate was dangling. When he got to me they had red flagged the race. So I had to run out on the track find his fender bolt it back on for the second start. I do think that most riders would have called it a day right there. But he did not give up and was determined to give it another go.
The second start almost did exactly the same thing. This time he back off before hitting the bales and ended up with last place start. He did work his way back up and was battling with Borkenhagen, Les Smith and Nicoletti. However his top shock bolt fell out on the lastlap and caused him to DNF.  However, I'm told our bad gate pick got him some TV time.

Things we learned:
Start gate key
wire shock bolt
qualifying times are very key

He's close just few things to work on.

Finally back home in New Mexico.  Out of the rat race of so cal!!  Home for  a few weeks freshening up and getting ready for Killy's debut at the 2010 AMA Pro Nationals.  Killy got his new number from AMA Pro Racing so we had to get all his bikes switched over.  Weird looking 185 on his bikes.  Probably will take a little while getting used to the new number.  We will be heading back to CA in around the 7th of May to train with some for the KTM guys and test some suspension.  Thanks to everyone for helping Killy live the dream.
The Rusk Clan and night out on the town in Durango.

We will be heading out on the road next week.  Killy is all healed up from the crash at Day in the Dirt.  We will be heading to Phoenix first to ride with Ted Campbell of LeoVince.   We will then head to California to work with Brandon Beabout.  We will be either staying at Perris Raceway or Milestone. 
Graphics will be shipped from these locations.  Generally there is now delay in orders.  Check our Twitter link for daily updates.

9/24/2009 Mia Report on Vurbmoto:  click here for Vurb interview with Killy Rusk

8/1/09: Disaster stikes!!!
After week of phenomenal riding Killy went down in the finals at Ponca.  Killy was carrying first and seconds into his finals at Ponca City and was sitting really well for overall championship.  Then the disaster hit.  While on the fourth lap of finals he was making a pass for second when his rear wheel slid out just as he went up the face of the double after the over under tunnel.  It had rained about 1/2 inch the night before and his race was first on the line in the morning.  The track was pretty slick but everything was going good.  He was making the pass just as he came out of the tunnel so he was going in a little faster then usual causing his rear wheel to break loose.  The impact of the crash resulted in a broken wrist. 
Unfortunately Killy was not able to attend Loretta Lynn's  a major bummer for this season.  However the break did not require surgery and he should be back on the bike mid September.